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The Coyotes of North America @ 2pm

Come join ASCR as we explore the history of coyotes of North America, presented by Dan Bogan, Assistant Professor at Siena College.  Coyotes are one of the most successful carnivores in tNorth America vecause of their ability to cope, if not thrive, in the face of human-caused changes to the environment. In recent years, their numbers have grown so much that they now live close to people.  Dan Bogan, PhD will discuss his research into coyote behavior and ecology in suburban landscapes where people and coyotes coexist. Learn more about their biology and behavior and ways to reduce or precent problems from occurring between people, pets and coyotes. 

This 1 hour presentation will be co-hosted with the Friends at Peebles Island State Park, at the Peebles Island SP Visitors Center. 

 January 2018 
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