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see details + Cats and Bird Predation: Exploring a Solution using Research

Have you ever thought of how wildlife populations are affected by domestic predators?  Feral and free-roaming domestic cats have been accused of destroying wildlife, causing property damage and disturbance, endangering other domestic pets, and posing health risks for humans. Come join ASCR and Dr. John B. Davis as we explore how this has become a growing problem across New York State, where the burden of these impacts is most felt at the local government level, and what the research indicates as methods to curbing feline predation on wildlife. This session will discuss a literature review of the impacts of free-roaming cats, the effectiveness of management and control techniques that are currently used, and the control measures that have been enacted at the local level in New York State.  This 1 hour presentation will be limited to the first 25 people.  Held at the East Greenbush Community Library, Room B. 10am Saturday November 17. 

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 November 2018 
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