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Bird Monitoring at Schodack Island State Park
   As part of the AUDUBON IN THE PARKS! program, ASCR is collaborating with Audubon NY and NYS Parks to gather data on the birds of Schodack Island State Park. We are particularly interested in the status of the cerulean warbler, a species of special interest within the Atlantic Flyway migratory area. The cerulean warbler is a beautiful blue, insectivorous bird that forages in the open spaces beneath the canopies of mature deciduous forests. This species has been declining at a rate of 4.5% per year due to habitat destruction and is on Audubon's watchlist. This past summer of 2012, ASCR Board Member, Eric Latini, worked with Audubon NY staff and a biologist from NYS Parks to gather baseline data for the cerulean warblers of Schodack Island, since they are known to breed there. He heard singing males on 7 occasions and had 3 sightings.
 October 2018 
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