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Meet The ASCR Board

2017 Officers

Lindsay Homenick
Vice President
David Coveyvolunteers@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
Corresponding Secretary
Rebecca Allmond
Recording Secretary
Craig Thompson
Rene Facchetti

Board of Directors

Aimee Brunelle
Eric Latini
Ryan Henderson
Mike Silo


Conservation & Advocacy
Marketing & Communications
Membership & Volunteers


Ad Hoc Committees

Strategic Plan

Working Groups (with contact information and descriptions):
These are the areas of interest that the ASCR welcomes its members to explore adding their own contributions.  Each group has a group leader, their email contact and a brief list of objectives.  If you feel you might have interest in a working group topic, please reach out to the group leader for more information.  The groups are as follows: 

Conservation & Advocacy
Working Group Leaders: Dave Covey & Eric Latini, Conservation@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
    •      Plan, coordinate and maintain conservation activities (i.,e., Tangle-tainers)
    •      Partner with other similar organizations on conservation and advocacy efforts
Working Group Leader: Craig Thompson, Education@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
    •      Conduct educational programs (i.e., Ornithology for Kids at children's camps)
    •      Coordinate Citizen Science programs (i.e., Christmas Bird Count)
Working Group Leader: Rene Facchetti, Finance@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
    •      Create budget for approval (annual)
    •      Develop fundraising initiatives (i.e., Bird Seed Sale)
    •      Engage in fund development (i.e., grant writing)
Marketing & Communications
Working Group Leader:  Rebecca Allmond and Lindsay Hominick, Marketing@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
    •      Review and edit all ASCR publications
    •      Write, design and disseminate ASCR communications and information
    •      Advertise events (i.e., press releases, social media)
    •      Maintain website
    •      Photograph events

Membership  & Volunteers
Working Group Leader: Fred Bockis,  Membership@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
Working Group Co-Leader and Volunteer Coordinator: David Coveyvolunteer@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
    •     Maintain membership records
    •     Work with other Working Groups to secure volunteers for events and engage current members
Working Group Leader:  John Loz,  Programs@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
    •       Plan, arrange and promote lectures and workshops (i.e., Speaker Series)
    •       Plan, arrange and promote field trips (i.e., Bird Walks)

Bylaws (Ad Hoc)
Working Group Leader: Lindsay Homenick, President@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
    •      Update bylaws as necessary

Nominations (Ad Hoc)
Working Group Leader:  Lindsay Homenick, President@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
    •      Organize nomination slate (annual)

Strategic  Plan (Ad Hoc)
Working Group Leader: Ryan Henderson, Plan@CapitalRegionAudubon.org
    •       Ensure organization is following strategic plan
    •       Update plan as necessary

Serve on the Board
Audubon Society of the Capital Region is supported by a dedicated Board of Directors.
They help to accomplish the mission through a set of shared values that underline our
mission to cultivate and lead a community that values and protects birds and the natural
environment, a healthy environment in balance, where people enjoy, respect and care for
our urban community.

Our Board of Directors play a vital role in ensuring Audubon Society of the Capital Region
has the strategic direction and necessary resources to create a sustainable community.
In addition to their role as at large board members, several serve on Working Groups listed
above. We are grateful for their expertise and focus ranging from policy/legal,marketing,
management, planning, communications, and community engagement to ensuring financial
stability of the organization.

If you are interested in serving on the board or sitting in on a board meeting, please
contact our President at the following email address: president@capitalregionaudubon.org.