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NYSDEC and ASCR Team up to Protect Wildlife - May 4, 2016
For Release: Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has teamed up with the Audubon Society of the Capital Region to install fishing line disposal canisters at DEC public fishing access sites throughout the Capital Region, DEC Regional Director Keith Goertz announced today.

"I’m very pleased to announce this joint initiative today that will help protect waterfowl and other species of wildlife from being entangled by discarded fishing line," Goertz said. "This is a great example of a public/private partnership that not only benefits our two organizations but also provides a valuable public service to the anglers of New York State."

"The Audubon Society of the Capital Region is thrilled to partner with DEC on this effort and we look forward to more partnerships between our organizations in the near future," said Audubon Society of the Capital Region Program Chair John Loz.

Numerous fishing line disposal canisters, also known as "tangle-tainers," have been installed at several public access sites along the Mohawk and Susquehanna rivers, as well as the Tomhannock Reservoir in Rensselaer County and Rensselaer Lake in the city of Albany. DEC and Audubon are currently in the process of installing additional canisters throughout the Capital Region as well as in Schoharie and Greene counties.

The PVC canisters instruct anglers to dispose of their used and tangled fishing line properly to prevent birds, fish and other wildlife from becoming tangled in the line. Discarded fishing line on the shores of waterbodies can be harm numerous species of wildlife. For example, waterfowl can have their legs or wings entangled in the fishing line and their beaks can become wrapped in the line, preventing them from eating and causing death by starvation.

The canisters come equipped with wooden doors to not only prevent trash from being disposed in them, but to also prevent birds from attempting to nest in them.

Stewards of these "tangle-tainers’ will periodically clean out the tubes and dispose of the fishing line at microfilament line retrieval centers located at various hardware stores in the area.

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Press Release: http://www.dec.ny.gov/press/106077.html

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