Black Creek Marsh

Size: 1,001 acres (450 acres of the area are a Wildlife Management Area managed by NYS DEC, the rest is privately owned)
Ecology: Wetland communities such as emergent marsh and silver maple-ash swamp; small streams. Adjacent uplands include forest and successional old-field habitats
Bird Species: Canada goose, mallard, and wood duck breed here. Several hundred waterfowl are seen during migration, including pied-billed grebe (threatened). Marsh habitats also support American bittern (special concern), least bittern (threatened), Virginia rail, and sora. Grassland birds including savannah sparrow, bobolink, eastern meadowlark, and American kestrel utilize the surrounding agricultural areas, although limited grassland habitat occurs on the property. Short-eared owls (endangered) have been observed during the winter. Black Creek Marsh offers foraging grounds for northern harrier (threatened) during migration. Rusty blackbird and common nighthawk (special concern) are also regularly seen during spring and fall migration. Early successional species include American woodcock, blue-winged warbler, prairie warbler, yellow warbler, common yellowthroat, chestnut-sided warbler, eastern towhee, alder flycatcher, willow flycatcher,black-billed cuckoo, and brown thrasher.
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