Tangle ‘Tainer Project
What Is A “Tangle ‘Tainer”?
A “Tangle ‘Tainer” is another way of saying “Monofilament Fishing Liner Recycling Receptacle”. These receptacles are made of pvc pipe resembling a candy cane with a door or opening. They are usually 2-3 feet in length depending on how they are constructed.

Why Does Audubon Put Up A “Tangle ’Tainer”? And Where?
The main reason is to protect birds and animals from getting tangled up in used fishing line and also to keep them from ingesting any of the line. These receptacles are usually placed near active fishing sites in plain view so fisherman can dispose of their used line properly.

What Happens To The Collected Fishing Line?
The line is collected from the “Tainers” at various intervals by either the Audubon or the Park Staff. The line can be recycled or cut up in small pieces to be thrown away.
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