Meet The ASCR Board
2023 Officers
President Teresa Murphy
Vice President Carol Quantock
Treasurer René Facchetti
Recording Secretary Margie Rogers

Board of Directors
Eric Latini
Douglas Rogers

WebMaster René Facchetti
Newsletter Editor Carol Quantock

Working Groups
Conservation & Advocacy
Marketing & Communications
Membership & Volunteers

Ad Hoc Working Groups
Strategic Plan

Working Groups (with contact information and descriptions):
These are the areas of interest that the ASCR welcomes its memers to explore adding their own contributions. Each group has a group leader and a brief list of objectives. If you feel you might have interest in a working group topic, please reach out to the group leader for more information at

Conservation & Advocacy Working Group Leader: Eric Latini (Conservation). Plan, coordinate and maintain conservation activities (i.,e., Tangle-tainers) Partner with other similar organizations on conservation and advocacy efforts

Education Working Group Leader: Open. Conduct educational programs (i.e., Ornithology for Kids at children’s camps) Coordinate Citizen Science programs (i.e., Christmas Bird Count)

Finance Working Group Leader: Rene Facchetti. Create budget for approval (annual) Develop fundraising initiatives (i.e., Bird Seed Sale) Engage in fund development (i.e., grant writing)

Marketing & Communications Working Group Leaders: Teresa Murphy and the Board. Review and edit all ASCR publications. Write, design and disseminate ASCR communications and information Advertise events (i.e., press releases, social media). Maintain website. Photograph events

Membership & Volunteers Membership Leader: Sheryl Collins Volunteer Leader: Open. Maintain membership records Work with other Working Groups to secure volunteers for events and engage current members

Programs Working Group Leader: Open. Plan, arrange and promote lectures and workshops (i.e., Speaker Series) Plan, arrange and promote field trips (i.e., Bird Walks)

Serve on the Board
Audubon Society of the Capital Region is supported by a dedicated Board of Directors. They help to accomplish the mission through a set of shared values that underline our mission to cultivate and lead a community that values and protects birds and the natural environment, a healthy environment in balance, where people enjoy, respect and care for our urban community.

Our Board of Directors play a vital role in ensuring Audubon Society of the Capital Region has the strategic direction and necessary resources to create a sustainable community. In addition to their role as at large board members, several serve on Working Groups listed above. We are grateful for their expertise and focus ranging from policy/legal, marketing, management, planning, communications, and community engagement to ensuring financial stability of the organization.

If you are interested in serving on the board or sitting in on a board meeting, please contact our President at the following email address:
Contact Information:

We would like to hear from you if you have a question.

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